Using Graphs and Charts in Windows Store Apps – Boredom Challenge Day 11


Graphs and charts are very effective tools for visualizing and summarizing data for our users. In apps they not only look cool, but also can be made interactive for further effectiveness. They are also an indispensible feature of financial apps or apps which need to show statistics.


In Windows Store apps, there isn’t a default XAML control in Visual Studio for graphs. However, we can easily use other libraries such as WinRT XAML Toolkit or Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 (there are many more). In this article we will create a sample app which uses different types of graphs and charts to show example data (pie chart, bar chart, line chart etc.) using WinRT XAML Toolkit.

➤ Bonus points for creating a “pie chart of my favorite bars” and “bar chart of my favorite pies”…