Adding a Public Twitter Feed to a Windows Store App


Hi everyone,

Due to its compact nature, Twitter can be used to provide content about a specific topic or to provide latest news to users in a quite efficient way. For example, an app about the latest news in technology could get the latest tweets with a specific hashtag, or a news app can get the latest tweets from the Twitter accounts of news agencies. We can even add further functionality and allow the user to open the links in a tweet, or go to the Twitter account page of the poster. Adding such a public Twitter feed is usually a good addition to an app, and does not require the user to log in with his/her Twitter account.


In this article, we will be making a simple Windows Store app that uses Twitter REST API v1.1 to get the latest tweets for a specific hashtag, and we’ll also allow the user to open the poster’s account page for a selected tweet.

➤ Let’s see how we can add a Twitter feed…