About Me



I was born in Izmir in 1990. After graduating from Izmir Karşıyaka Anadolu Highschool I continued my education in Izmir University of Economics Software Engineering department with full scholarship. I also started a Double Major Program in Computer Engineering department and graduated from both in 2012. During the fall semester of 2011-2012, I’ve become a Microsoft Student Partner and in the spring semester my title became Microsoft Student Partner Lead. Then I’ve worked as an intern in Developer and Platform Evangelism department of Microsoft Middle East and Africa for more than a year. I’m currently in Izmir University of Economics, where I’m both working as a teaching assistant and studying in Intelligent Engineering Systems master program.

As a software/computer engineer, I have a little knowledge about a lot of things, ranging from Assembly to Java, from Flash animations to developing games with Unity. 🙂 However, as my university education progressed I’ve started to be more interested in Microsoft technologies. During university I was especially interested in Windows Phone, XNA and Silverlight, and now I’m mainly working on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

My origin of interest in computers is video games. 🙂 This hobby, which started when I was 5 after I managed to finish the first level of Mario in NES, became (and still is) my biggest pastime activity. Apart from video games, I’m especially a fan of fantasy fiction and science fiction, and tabletop roleplaying games – FRP is my second biggest hobby. I also have a 6.5 year long history with Tae-Kwon-Do, and curretly own a black belt. 😉